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Its been a busy year at ProOnGo.  First, in January, we released ProOnGo Expense, making it easy to capture receipt images right from your Windows Mobile phone.  We were excited to bring this to market because we had talked with hundreds of businesspeople who complained about their expense reporting processes, and the #1 gripe was with the hassle of keeping paper receipts organized.  We wanted to help these folks “go digital”.  After all, most of them were already carrying smartphones with high-quality cameras, so the only missing link was a bit of software designed to capture and organize receipts.

Still, though, there was something missing.  When we talked to these same folks, with ProOnGo Expense in hand, they liked the idea of digitizing receipts but told us about their second biggest complaint with expense reporting processes.  Gripe #2 was, far and away, the pain of having to type in details about each expense.  Even though digitized receipts got rid of the paper, you, our customers spoke loud and clear that you wish you had a service “on call” to turn your receipt images into expense details.  No problem, we said–just hang on until April!

In April, we released our Receipt Reader service, integrated with ProOnGo Expense.  Now, with a click of a button in ProOnGo, you can let us upload your receipt images to our server, where we’ll turn right back around with a merchant name, date, and amount for your expense report.  No more typing!  When you send in a receipt image from your phone you get back accurate results in just a few minutes.

The feedback from you, our customers, friends, and partners has been overwhelming.  BusinessWeek Online and NBC both picked up on ProOnGo, as did,,,, and others.

But more importantly, those of you who have spent time using our software have chimed in, and that means the most to us.  Its folks like Frankie Nordelus, an avid user of our Receipt Reader service, who keep us going.  In Frankie’s words, “Manually inputting expenses has always been a gripe that I have had with mobile expense tracking software, and you guys seem to have the PROBLEM SOLVED!’  Thanks Frankie, and all of our other ProOnGo customers. Keep the feedback and suggestions coming.


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  1. wmguy says:

    Good luck ProOnGo! I’ve been following you since the beginning. Its about time that somebody put smartphones to work on the receipt problem!

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