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Our Favorite Receipts

Our users love to send in their most difficult receipts.  Looking through our archives, we certainly get our fair share of receipts covered in coffee stains, receipts that look like they’ve been crumpled up, torn, and just about everything else.  We obviously can’t share any other user’s receipts with you, but we can share with you our favorite receipt from one of our own business trips.

Here is one from a cabbie in Pittsburgh.  We submitted this to the Receipt Reader service on-the-spot (literally as we were getting out of the cab), and had accurate expense details automatically filled out in ProOnGo Expense moments later!

Taxi Receipt

You should feel free to submit just about any receipt to ProOnGo.  We have only a few requirements.  It must be a receipt with English language text.  It must be legible to the human eye (even if you have to squint).  Beyond that, we’ll take those receipts (crumpled, stained, or anything else), as fast as you can send them our way!


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3 Responses

  1. JackF says:

    Better than my handwritten receipt at from a diner yesterday… What a mess! Can I use your service if the receipt is handwritten?

  2. ProOnGo says:

    Handwritten receipts are no problem! If you are signed up for one of our free Receipt Reader accounts (on you can submit up to 30 receipts per month for processing, and that includes receipts that are handwritten or hand-totaled.

    We get quite a few dinner receipts that are hand-totaled, and a smaller number of receipts that are entirely handwritten. Both work fine with our service!

  3. Dave says:

    You say the the image you take with with camera phone has to be a receipt, but I disagree! You can take photos of an invoice, purchase order, or anything at all that has a date, merchant name, and amount. Even if you have a receipt so garbled that there is something missing — like the merchant name — just “draw it on” the image in the image editor (using the pen tool) to make a note of whatever was missing. Just about every time I’ve done this, the Receipt Reader service comes back with the right fields (including the text I’ve drawn on the receipt). Give it a try, it works!

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