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New Webinars: Custom Expense Reports, Custom Filters, Backup/Restore

You asked for more webinars, and we’re happy to keep publishing them.  In this latest round of webinars, you will learn how to back up and restore expenses.  That’s perfect for a time when you are upgrading to a new phone and want to make sure that all of your data comes with you, or just because you want to be extra careful about keeping a backup of your data.  You’ll also learn how to customize your PDF expense reports, adding your company’s logo, setting up receipt images for export into PDF, and more.  Lastly, you’ll learn how to filter an expense report by date range–really useful when you go to submit your monthly expense report or when you need to hunt down an old expense from many months ago.

Anyway, please enjoy the latest installment!

Keep your requests coming!  If there is anything about ProOnGo Expense with Receipt Reader that you are having trouble with, we’re always happy to walk you through it via email ( or by adding a new web video if it is a question that we have been hearing frequently!


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  1. proongo says:

    Thanks for the suggestion that many of you have sent in, to have a better way to find *all* of our web videos in one place. We’ve now addressed that feedback. From now on, you can find a summary of all of our web videos here:

    You can also get to this page through our main web site, by clicking “How it Works”.

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