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Expense Scrutiny Heightened in US and Britain

Over the past few weeks news about the growing expense scandal in Britian’s House of Commons has come out and it hasn’t been pretty.  There has been leaked publications of the expenses claimed by Members of Parliament that include £2,000 ($3,230) spent by one member to maintain the moat around his estate, and another spent £1,645 ($2,656) for a floating “duck island” in his garden pond to help prevent his birds from falling prey to foxes.  All this using taxpayers’ hard-earned money!  (see “Expenses Scandal Shakes Britain” from BusinessWeek)

Also, more recently, the US Congress is now stepping up efforts to improve its expense reporting procedures.  Just in today’s WSJ, there was an article highlighting that the House has approved a measure to require representatives to begin posting their expense reports online.  There’s also a push by Senators to do the same.  (see “House Lifts Lid On Expenses” in the WSJ).  This was all spurned by investigations that revealed taxpayers’ money was being spent by congressmen on luxury car leases, big-screen TVs, and expensive laptops.

What I couldn’t help thinking when I read all this was just how important proper, accurate, and transparent expense tracking has become in our society.  Especially with the current economic situation, I think not only governments, but businesses, and even individuals, really want a better, easier, and faster way to keep track of their expenses.

I think it’s great that we’ve come up with a solution to better help everyone track their expenses.  I wonder if the British scandal could have been avoided if the MPs were just required to use ProOnGo?  Or, how easy would it be for Congress to implement its change if it just adopts ProOnGo?  Sure, I know how complicated it is whenever a big entity like government adopots a change, but still, I feel like we at ProOnGo have really found something big here.

Anyways, we at ProOnGo are excited that we can help be part of the solution.  If you haven’t already heard, we just recently launched a new version of our Expense with Receipt Reader service for the Blackberry.  It’s currently free and available at  If you happen to speak to a congressmen, feel free to point them our way 🙂


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  1. Tanya says:

    I’ve heard of bending the rules on expense reports before, but these guys in the House of Commons are just awful. Oh, how about I build a duck island and add it to my expense report? Great idea!!! What in the world were they thinking?

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