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Tax Deductions for Your Business Expenses

When we ask our users how they are using ProOnGo software and the Receipt Reader service in particular, it seems that just about every one of our small business users mentions that they want to make sure they are safe at tax time, if an audit comes up.  Since the IRS has been accepting digital receipt images for many years now, ProOnGo is a great way to make sure your I’s are dotted and your T’s are crossed at tax time.

While we’re mentioning tax deductions, though, we wanted to pass along a great article from the folks at Index Gurus.  They have a good set of “reminders” for those of you that want to put some more thought into what receipts you might be able to use when you are figuring out your tax deductions next year.  Have a look here for some tips!


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  1. Rishad says:

    As a small business owner myself, I’ve met many other small business owners who seem to fear the whole tax deduction process, *especially* when it comes to wondering whether they’ve got enough documentation if/when it is needed. The fact is, though, that with reasonable business expenses a receipt (even a scanned receipt like what this company does) is exactly what you would need in an audit. Keep good records, but don’t be afraid to take those deductions that you deserve!

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