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What are those receipts doing in your drawer? Throw them away with ProOnGo Expense with Receipt Reader.

The Unclutterer site recently had a great blog about when to save receipts. However, with ProOnGo, you can now always lose your receipts.

Here is how:
Take a picture of them with ProOnGo, and throw the receipt away. EVERYTIME.

What if I ever need the receipt, you ask? Well, instead of being wrinkled up in the bottom of a drawer (where one could argue you might never find it), your receipts are now automatically available to you in a variety of formats: XML, an Excel worksheet, etc. And you can locate the exact receipt you are looking for instantly because the Receipt Reader service has automatically filled in the merchant name, date, and amount of the receipt.
Please let us know here if there is anything else we can do so you can finally get rid of all those receipts cluttering drawer, closet, shoebox, purse, or wallet.
Or, just for fun, let us know in the comments where your old receipts are currently hiding.


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  1. davehacker says:

    Nice, ProOnGo definitely keeps me uncluttered by allowing me to throw away receipts, but more importantly I don’t have to worry about losing receipts because ProOnGo has them all.

    After this post, I went through the drawer by my bed (where I store my receipts) and backed up about 30 receipts in about 5 minutes. Pretty nice!

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