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No receipt? Don’t want to print? Take a picture of your monitor with ProOnGo

I’ll admit, I often buy things online.  After purchasing, you get this order confirmation number in your web browser.  What do you do with that purchase confirmation?  If you are being good, you print it out or write it down somehow, but I’d be willing to bet that a lot of people just close the window. This can be dangerous if you ever need to confirm your purchase.  Printing is a good idea too, but what if you don’t have access to a printer?

I think I have a better method.  Since I always have my phone on me, I just launch ProOnGo on my phone and take a picture of my monitor.  It doesn’t matter where I am, what computer I am on, etc.  Now I have the expense (along with a confirmation number) neatly filed away with my other ProOnGo expenses.

Here is an example just from today.  There is a nice little BlackBerry utility named StopTilt (available through AppWorld) that prevents the Storm screen from rotating when I don’t want it to.  So, I purchased the utility.  After purchasing, I got a nice confirmation from AppWorld, but how do I file it away?  Here is what I did:

  1. Took a picture OF MY MONITOR with ProOnGo
  2. Used the image editor from ProOnGo to scratch out details (see screenshot)
    1. NOTE: see the writing on the receipt?  That was added using the ProOnGo privacy editor.  For personal use I might leave the order number too but not for this blog!
  3. Submitted to the Receipt Reader Service so now (without typing!) I have an expense filed away with the merchant, date, and amount

Picture of Monitor with Purchase Confirmation

Now if I need to reference that ‘receipt’ later I have all the info I need at my fingertips (literally, because it is in my phone!).

Do you use ProOnGo to take pictures of anything besides just standard receipts?  If so, please add a comment here.  Or if you are wondering if we handle other types of weird receipts (or things that really aren’t technically receipts), I suggest you download ProOnGo put it to the test.

Thanks for reading!



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One Response

  1. JasonL says:

    Good idea on using ProOnGo for the confirmation screens, and not just receipts.

    I already do something similar..I use ProOnGo to take pics of emails with expense details. You often get a confirmation e-mail and that works with ProOnGo too. IMHO taking a picture of the confirmation screen is even better than waiting for the confirmation e-mail since something might go wrong and you never get the e-mail.

    Thanks for the tip!

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