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Got a custom Excel Spreadsheet for your expenses?

Over the past few months we’ve had quite a few emails come in to our support line ( that ask if ProOnGo can save expenses into a custom-formatted expense spreadsheet.  After all, expense report formats are never “one size fits all”.

Custom Expense Report SpreadsheetWell, after looking at a number of ways to make this possible, we’ve now released an update to our Windows Mobile and Blackberry expense software that will let you export XML that is suitable for importing into Excel 2003 or Excel 2007.  From there, you can do all kinds of complex mappings of XML fields into your expense report.

Whether you just have different column names than our default format, or whether the difference is more complex (such as a tabular spreadsheet format), either way you’ll be able to get the data to the right place by importing your ProOnGo Expense file as XML, and mapping the fields to the right cells in Excel.

Here is a simple tutorial that shows how to get started with importing XML, but if you have any trouble getting your spreadsheet to soak up XML data, just email us at and we’ll help.


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