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QuickBooks Online Edition — from your phone!

QuickBooks Online EditionEveryone has heard of QuickBooks, or at least every small business owner has.  Its the accounting package that so many have come to rely on, to manage everything from revenue and expenses to payroll to tax filings.

And now, ProOnGo Expense comes with QuickBooks Online Edition integration.  That’s right, from your phone you can take a picture of a receipt, let ProOnGo turn that receipt into an expense entry, and you can then upload the expense entry right into your QuickBooks Online Edition account.  Expense reporting doesn’t get much easier than that!

The first time you use ProOnGo with QuickBooks Online Edition, you might want to plan about 30 minutes to go through the process of getting the two talking to each other, but we’ll make it easy with some web videos.  The best way to get started is to download the latest version of ProOnGo to your phone (browse to from your phone to get the latest), then:

1) On your BlackBerry, in ProOnGo, choose the “Submit to QuickBooks” menu item.  Or on your Windows Mobile, in ProOnGo, tap-and-hold on any expense and choose “Submit to QuickBooks”

2) Follow the steps that show up on your phone screen

3) When you get to the point where you are asked to go to your PC/Mac and browse to, check out this video that will help you through the process:

Configuring QuickBooks Online Edition for ProOnGo Expense


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  1. ProOnGo says:

    Also, check out the following page for more information about how to get set up!

  2. ProOnGo says:

    Your feedback helps us decide when/what additional tutorials you’d like us to post, and we’ve now added several more resources about getting ProOnGo connected to QuickBooks Online Edition… Here is a link:

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