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Who still uses a fax machine for expense reporting?

A couple months ago we asked some of our most frequent users what features they’d like us to add in the future, and although we heard a lot of things we expected (XML, QuickBooks, Account Creation from your Phone — all now released), we also heard one thing that surprised us:  many of you in larger companies have a “Fax In” option for your receipts, that you use frequently.

We’d thought that the days of fax machines had started to fade into the distance, which is why we had never put too much thought into a fax-from-phone feature for submitting receipt images and expense reports.  However, your feedback set the record straight and let us know that faxing in receipts is still a scenario you care about.

So, we now have a fax-from-phone feature in private beta, that will let you take all of those receipt images that you’ve captured on your phone, and fax them out to any fax machine in the North America.  It’s really pretty simple to do — with the new features we’re releasing in this private beta, you just go to “Fax My Expenses” and specify what fax number you want the report (receipt images included) to be sent to.

Oh, by the way, the best part is that we’re making it free of charge to our private beta users.  Drop us a line at if you want to join this private beta!

You can also get a sneak peak by going to our Business-to-Business page and checking out the PDF that talks about the value of faxing expense reports in from ProOnGo!


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