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Four Best iPhone Apps for Freelancers

Being a freelancer definitely has its perks; pick your own hours, choose your clients and manage projects how you see fit.  But with these benefits comes the hassle of keeping your books up to date.

Luckily, the iPhone is just one of those tools that keeps on making lives easier.  Below is a list of four applications that will help freelancers manage their projects without the hassle.


The most popular to-do and task manager in the App Store.  Things is a task management app that keeps you prioritized for the day and what’s on the horizon. Procrastinating never looked less attractive.

ProOnGo Expense

The #1 Expense tracking app for Blackberry now on the iPhone.  Take pictures of your receipts and have them automatically incorporated into your expense reports.  Also keep track of your mileage expenses with your GPS, calculate your time expense, convert currencies and export to XML, Excel Spreadsheet and QuickBooks Online Edition.

ProOnGo lets you keep track of your receipts, mileage and time expenses.

ProOnGo lets you keep track of your receipts, mileage and time expenses.


The PayPal application allows you to send money to anyone you want using your existing PayPal account. The Paypal application is also great for checking your balance while you are out.


With different clients comes different websites and different passwords.  How can you keep track of them?

1Password allows you to generate passphrases with over 30 characters of random numbers, letters, and symbols. It keeps track of that, the username, and the website for all of your login accounts in one database. The entire program is locked with a PIN and then your important passphrases are protected with a second layer passphrase.


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