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Keep on Truckin’ with ProOnGo

Keep on Truckin' with ProOnGo

Keep on Truckin' with ProOnGo

Some of you have commented on how open we are to your feedback, and we really do appreciate those of you that take the time to call or write with suggestions for how we can make ProOnGo Expense work better for your business. Some of the best parts of our day are when folks call our office in the middle of their expense report and say “here’s what I like about ProOnGo, and here’s what I’d like to see in the next version”.

For some reason, we’ve been getting calls recently from a lot of independent owners/operators of small trucking companies who like to use our mileage tracking features to keep tabs on how much they will be billing out for their month-to-date or quarter-to-date.

We’ve gotten more than a few suggestions, including that on our iPhone version the “total” at the top of the screen had been showing the total of all amounts, rather than just the period (week, month, year – whatever you configure). That’ll be fixed in our iPhone update that will show up around Friday this week.

So, for all of you out their using our mileage tracking features, keep the feedback coming by shooting us an email at or you can Tweet us on Twitter, and of course, keep on truckin’!


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