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Haiti Relief: ProOnGo donating 25% of iPhone App Downloads to Haiti

ProOnGo has pledged to donate 25% of its app download proceeds for relief efforts in Haiti.

We here at ProOnGo have been keeping up to date with the latest news regarding the disaster in Haiti resulting from the Jan 12 earthquake and its aftershocks.

The country is completely unstable with its capital city of Port-au-Prince nearly leveled. Millions of people are displaced, hundreds of thousands are dead or missing and the survivors face a continuing public-health disaster. Needless to say, Haiti needs all the support that they can get.

That’s why we here on ProOnGo decided to commit 25 percent of our iPhone app download proceeds to Haitian relief. We have chosen one of the top rated charities in Haiti to contribute to: the International Rescue Committee. The IRC has been given an A+ rating by the American Institute of Philanthropy because of their Emergency Response Team in Haiti that includes experts in water and sanitation, logistics, health care and relief programs for women and children.

Please visit as well as for more info on how to help.


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