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Workin’ With Businesses: ProOnGo’s Custom Expense Report Package

Just recently, we’ve developed a package for ProOnGo Expense that makes the app customizable for businesses.

A lot of users file their expense reports for the company they work for.  And often times the company would like the expense report to be in a particular format.  We’ve decided this issue must be addressed in ProOnGo and that’s why we’ve developed our Custom Expense Report Package.

The package allows us to take a company’s standard template for their expense reports and create a custom Launch Icon within ProOnGo Expense, so users have the option of automatically formatting their expense reports to the company’s liking.

The package will also include our amazing support team, so if templates ever need to be updated, our staff will have the new edition on the app within a few days.  Here’s a screenshot of what the custom Launch Icon will look like for employees whose business has subscribed to the Custom Expense Report Package.

We’re currently looking for some beta customers to try this package out with their employees, so if you or anyone you know is interested, drop us a line at

Update on 3/14/2010:  We originally only supported these custom spreadsheets via our iPhone and BlackBerry versions of ProOnGo Expense, but we now support this on our Windows Mobile version as well (if you want to try it – grab the latest WinMo version by browsing to from your phone – the Windows Mobile Marketplace build is a few steps behind).


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