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ProOnGo Expense Now Compatible with HTC Touch PRO 2

HTC Touch PRO 2 fans, we haven’t forgotten about you!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve heard from quite a few people who are big fans of this phone, and want a version of ProOnGo Expense for it.  And who wouldn’t like the Touch PRO 2 — its got a great screen, thumb-friendly slide out keypad, and the signature “tilt” look that started back with the HTC 8925 and lives on today in this phone.

ProOnGo Now Compatible with HTC Touch PRO 2

ProOnGo Now Compatible with HTC Touch PRO 2

Well, with the version of ProOnGo Expense that we just posted on, we’re now compatible with this great phone (Windows Mobile Marketplace users – download from this time – Marketplace hasn’t yet approved our latest release).  Here’s how to get it:

* From your HTC Touch PRO 2 just visit, and we’ll direct you to a simple page with little more than a download link

* Or, from your PC/Mac, browse to and save the CAB to your device (this way is for advanced users)

What took so long to get ProOnGo working on this phone?  Well, most new Windows Mobile phones that hit the market work fine with ProOnGo Expense from day #1, but this one had a few tricks up its sleeve for us, and in particular many would-be users were reporting that the old version of ProOnGo would cause their camera app to “freeze” when they took pictures from within ProOnGo.  Those days are now behind us, thanks to the outstanding crew of engineers at ProOnGo who figured out and solved the problem.  So, HTC Touch PRO 2 owners, please enjoy ProOnGo Expense, and let us know what you think at

Last but not least, this post goes out to one particularly dedicated fan out there, Jim L., who just kept on calling with feedback and making sure we got this one done right.  Here’s to you, Jim!


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