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Windows Mobile users: will you make the jump to Windows Phone 7 Series?

There has been a lot of buzz about Windows Phone 7 Series — CNET calls it a “Complete Reset“, Engadget says “Microsoft is Playing to Win“, and Gizmodo says “It’s Awesome“.

We know many of you are loyal fans of Windows Mobile — we see it in our sign-up numbers — but we also get fairly frequent questions on our support line from users who are switching from Windows Mobile to Android, or Windows Mobile to iPhone, and want help switching their account over.  This got us thinking — will all of you current Windows Mobile owners hang on for Windows Phone 7 Series (WP7S), or will you have already picked up some other hot new phone by the time WP7S hits the market around the holidays?

Windows Mobile owners — let us know at (or tweet to @ProOnGo) whether *you* will be amongst the first to get a Windows Phone 7 Series, or whether you are making the leap to another smartphone by then.  We want to hear from you, since your vote helps us decide how much development effort we’re going to invest in each new smartphone OS that hits the market.


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