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How do you file your expense report?

At ProOnGo when it comes to expense reports, everytime we think we’ve heard it all in terms of painful expense reporting processes, someone comes along and one-ups us with their story of a crazy, annoying, or just plain hilarious expense reporting policy.

Recently we heard a story of a company where expense reports are all submitted via paper — literally filling out a printed form and stapling receipts to it — and (here’s the good part) the ones that are filled out correctly come back with a gold star sticker on them!

We don’t offer gold star stickers here at ProOnGo, but we do want to hear all about your expense reporting processes, so that we know how to help.  Please feel free to send your story to any time.  Just about every time, we can find some way to help, even if its getting our software to output a custom report format that just prints out the same way (looks the same) as the one that you are normally required to fill out.  Feel free to challenge us with your toughest expense report formats!

And, while you are at it, reply to our poll about expense report formats!


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