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ProOnGo and PayServ Systems Partner for Receipt-to-Reimbursement Solution

On Thursday last week we announced our new partnership with PayServ Systems – some of you saw the press release and sent in questions to our support line.  Great to hear from those of you that did.

However, we’re betting that many of you would prefer watching a video of how it works, rather than reading a press release — so we put together a quick video showing how ProOnGo and PayServ work together on BlackBerry (our Windows Mobile, Android, and iPhone solutions are integrated in almost exactly the same way).  So, tap on the video here to see it in action!

Video of ProOnGo/PayServ Solution

Video of ProOnGo/PayServ Solution

Basically, if your company uses ProOnGo, and also uses PayServ Systems for payroll, all you have to do is:

1) Create your expenses in ProOnGo “the normal way”

2) Your manager (set up through ProOnGo) will get a notification about your expense reimbursement request

3) If your manager approves the expense, through our web site, the expense reimbursement will come through on your next payroll deposit.

Sound easy?  It is easy.  We use it ourselves, and it sure beats passing around spreadsheets of expenses via email and having your company’s payroll guy or gal manually enter the reimbursements during their payroll run.

Feedback?  Find us on Twitter as @ProOnGo or shoot us an email at


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