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With our new iPhone release, it is easier than ever to categorize your expenses

Today we released the new version of our iPhone app, ProOnGo Expense, and we’ve made it even easier for businesses to customize the app for their employees.

One of the features we’ve added is Category Synchronization, and there is a story behind how this feature ended up getting a lot of attention from us very quickly.  About a month ago we posted a new offer at that lets businesses send us their custom spreadsheet format, and we set them up with a special icon inside of ProOnGo that lets them export their expenses right into their own “special” spreadsheet format.  This new offer has been a real “hit”, because it seems like every small business we talk to has some kind of spreadsheet template for their expenses, and just about every format we’ve seen looks like a real pain to fill out.  So having this kind of custom spreadsheet filled out automatically is a real time saver.

Well, as we looked at all of the custom spreadsheets coming in, we noticed that ya’ll have some weird, wild categories that you file expenses under.  If I had to pick a favorite, it was one that looked something like this ‘#5123 – Discretionary Spend for Trip Extensions” (does that mean you can stay in Hawaii for an extra week?).  Needless to say, asking you to set up your device-side categories with such long and elaborate descriptions was out of the question, it would be way too easy for a simple typo to get in the way of having your device side categories match the categories that your custom spreadsheet is expecting.

Syncing Expense Categories with ProOnGo

Syncing Expense Categories with ProOnGo

The good news is, there is now “a better way”.  If you are a ProOnGo customer, we can help you “push” your exact category list down to your device, saving you the trouble of setting up those categories on your tiny phone keyboard.  To get more info on how to do it, drop us a line and we’ll help.  Check out the screenshot in this post to see what it looks like when we do “push” the categories down to your device, and also, as always let us know how you like the new feature!

Also new – a way to “review” Receipt Reader results without getting interrupted with a pop up, and a way to set up recurring (weekly, monthly, etc) expenses.  More on that later.

Oh, while we’re at it, let me put in a plug for the fact that we’re not JUST about iPhone.  Our solution works on iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and Windows Mobile.  Our Category Sync feature works on both BlackBerry and iPhone so far.

Give it a try and let us know what you think (!


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