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Mileage Expense Added to ProOnGo Expense for Android

Hello Everyone!

We just updated the Android version of our expense-tracking app, ProOnGo Expense, and it now includes the ability to track mileage expenses.

When users add a new expense, they can either choose to capture a regular expense by taking a picture of their receipt and having the ReceiptReader extract the total amount, date, and merchant name, OR users can add their mileage expense by entering their start and end locations, as well as the distance.  Then ProOnGo will multiply your reimbursement rate per mile with the distance and create a new expense in your report.

We’ve also added to our subscription packages to give users more bang for their buck. The update to our $4.99/mo now includes our Custom Spreadsheet package. This let’s users export their expense reports to their own expense report template.

Here’s what the $4.99 package now includes:

    50 receipts/month
    Expense Back-Up via our Servers
    Unlimited Expense Report Submissions
    Web Portal Login
    In-App Launch Icon, Splash Screen
    Export to custom Template

I hope ya’ll will check it out and give us some feedback.  All your suggestions have been really helpful, so keep them coming! Thanks everyone!

Download ProOnGo Expense for Android 2.0+


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