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ProOnGo Expense Update for iPhone!

Hey Everyone!  A new version of ProOnGo Expense is now available on the iTunes App Store.

With this new version, we were able to incorporate some brand new features into the app.  Check ‘em out!

Among the new features:

  • Restore your Expenses From Web
    • The latest version of ProOnGo Expense allows users to retrieve all their previous expenses via the ProOnGo server, and have them sent straight to your devic e.  So if you get a new phone, you’ll be able to restore all your previous expenses.
  • Auto-compute Mileage
    • Now iPhone users will be able calculate their mileage purely by their GPS without having to manually enter in a Start and End date.  Simply open up a new Mileage Expense and ProOnGo Expense will automatically detect your current address as the starting point. Then, when you have reached your destination, open up that same Mileage Expense and ProOnGo Expense will detect your end address and calculate the distance (in miles) between to the two points, and multiply the distance with your rate per mile.
  • Time Expenses Remembers Client
    • This new feature will remember your clients for your Time Expenses.  When iPhone users create a new Time Expense, users canenter in a new client name, or choose between former clients they have created Time Expenses for.
  • More Categories for Regular Expenses
    • iPhone users now have two more categories to label their Regular Expenses. When users create  new Regular Expense, they’ll be able to label the expense by the Expense Category (Entertainment, Food, etc), Expense Type (Business, Personal, etc), Client Type andthe Payment Type.

We are really excited about these new features and would love to hear what you think.  Send your questions and comments to, or you can Tweet us (@ProOnGo) or give our offices a call:  (312)878-4585


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2 Responses

  1. G Davies says:

    Will we be seeing the auto mileage compute on Android?

    • proongo says:

      We’re working on that right now. Our next feature that we’ll be launching within the next week for Android is the Restore from Server.

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