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Receipt Reader from Your Email

Hey everyone.  A new build of ProOnGo Expense has just gone live for BlackBerry and Android 2.0+ devices.

These new builds add a much requested feature: Emailing receipts.

Users subscribed to our $4.99 package can now upload their receipts in bulk by attaching their receipts to an email and sending it to ProOnGo.  From there, ProOnGo will read your receipts and update your expenses on the web portal as well as your mobile device.

The technology behind this new development was establishing a two-way sync between our servers and the mobile device. With the two way sync, our servers and your device can now communicate back and forth, so our we can easily send information and updates to your device, expanding the capabilities of the app.

In addition to email receipt reading, we’re also utilizing the two-way sync through our Custom Categories tab in our Web Portal.  Subscribers can update their expense categories from the Web Portal, and our servers will push this information to your device, updating your expense categories.

To use this new feature, subscribers can send an email to and new users can check out our Subscribe page.

Keep sending in suggestions and giving us feedback on how we can continue to make ProOnGo Expense the best expense-tracker for your smartphone.


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