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At ProOnGo, Your Feedback Matters!

At ProOnGo, we love hearing from you, our customers and trial users, about what would make the app easier for you to use. Recent improvements in the app that have happened 100% because you told us they were important include:

1) GPS-based mileage tracking on Android and BlackBerry (iPhone got a little headstart on that a few months ago). We’ve kept pretty quiet about this feature while we took time to test it out, but you’ll hear a lot more about it soon.

2) The nifty “tab bar” at the bottom of the screen in our iPhone app, that has both icons and labels for our top 6 most used functions in the app, which showed up in a mid-July release of the iPhone app

3) The ability to restore your expense list from our server to your new phone if you change phones (whether its BlackBerry-to-BlackBerry, iPhone-to-Android, Windows Mobile-to-iPhone or whatever switch you are doing). This sure has helped with migrating your expense list from phone to phone without having to proactively remember to backup (the backup happens automatically, the restore to your new phone happens whenever you are ready).

Editing Receipts in ProOnGo Expense for iPhone

Editing Receipts in ProOnGo Expense for iPhone

We’re constantly dreaming up the next new features for ProOnGo, but your vote about what’s important matters most. Anyway, here’s yet another improvement that just hit the market due to your feedback. You told us that in our iPhone app, we needed to do a better job of showing what the buttons do in the Receipt Editor, so we added some handy dandy tooltips that appear when you press down on any button. A small improvement, but an important improvement if the icons on the images don’t make sense to you right away:

So, let your voice be heard, if you have an idea for improving ProOnGo Expense. You may just see your request fulfilled in a not-too-distant release of the app!


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2 Responses

  1. JohnH says:

    Option to tag receipt with gps location upon submission of any expense. This could be a core feature of a full featured free version. Capturing that type of data would support/drive advertising revenues. Additionally, it could help create visual reference points for business travel and associated expenses. Then link a “mash up” map from the web portal

    • ProOnGo LLC says:

      John, we’ll be doing a lot to make GPS coordinates useful, that’s for sure. The GPS-enabled mileage tracking barely scratches the surface of what’s to come. You’ll definitely see the use of GPS in other parts of the app, coming soon.

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