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Tip: Create/Send monthly QuickBooks invoices from your ProOnGo Time Expenses

Are you a consultant?  A lawyer?  An accountant?  We hear from “professional services” folks all the time, who use our time tracking features to keep track of billable hours, so that when it comes time to invoice their clients at month-end, they’ve got every hour (or minute!) accounted for.

Anyway, if you fit this description, and if you use QuickBooks Online – we just discovered a trick that will save you even MORE time.  Keep reading if you want to learn how to have your ProOnGo time expenses turn into an automatically-sent monthly invoice to each of your clients.  Here’s how it works:

1) Throughout the month, track your time expenses in ProOnGo, and keep uploading them to QuickBooks Online Edition

2) Just once (never have to do this step again), follow the instructions in the “Creating Invoices Automatically” topic, in Quickbooks Online.  This will show you how to have month-end invoices generated automatically based on “tracked, but unbilled” time expenses that have accumulated during the month.

3) Your invoices will be emailed out automatically, to each of your clients, with all of your time expense line-items.

So, next time you find yourself manually creating a month-end invoice for a client that you bill by the hour, come back to this blog post to get set up for a “better way”.

Got ProOnGo Expense + QuickBooks tips?  Send them our way (, and  your tip might just land in our blog!


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