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Old iPhones get New Features – ProOnGo Expense

Hello All,

A new iPhone version of ProOnGo Expense was just approved by Apple today and iPhone users running older versions should see some brand new features. In fact, it should look like a brand new app.

Specifically, iPhone users that haven’t yet updated to the new iOS4 will be seeing a hefty update in their App Store App today.  The new update brings some new features to our iPhone app.

The features include:

  • A brand new user interface
    • The new black-colored interface has replaced the blue, and now looks so tough it could eat a bowl of nails…after it does your expense report.
  • Credit Card Integration
    • Our subscribers can now sync their credit cards with ProOnGo, so every purchase made with the card will update on our Web Portal as well as on your iPhone.
  • FourSquare Integration
    • If a user goes to edit/add a merchant name on an expense, the nearby FourSquare venues will appear in a list (alongside other “remembered” merchant names that the user has recently used).

If you’re just receiving these new updates, we hope you enjoy the new features.

And if you’re already using them, we would love to get your feedback about on you think we’re doing at tracking your expenses, as well as if you think we can do something better.  Send emails to or you can tweet us @ProOnGo.


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