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ProOnGo Expense Credit Card Sync for Trial Users

Hello All

We just released our Credit Card Integration feature into ProOnGo Expense about two months ago, and it’s quickly becoming one of our more popular features.  The feature, which allows users to sync their credit card with ProOnGo Expense, imports the credit card’s transactions as expenses.

Well we’ve just granted access to the Credit Card Integration feature for our Trial and Lite Package users. The trial is only going to be around for a limited time, so sync up your card now and see how you like it.

Oh, and keep sending us your questions and comments to!


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ProOnGo Expense iPhone Update

Hello All

On Friday of last week, Apple approved our latest build for the iPhone and iPad of ProOnGo Expense. So what’s new?

-New Restore From Server Image: We added a status bar when you upload your expenses from our server.

-New Icons: We added some higher-quality icons for one of our Expense Categories.

-New Merchant Page: We added “Favorite Merchants” as well as FourSquare integration for quickly labeling the merchants for your expenses.

-New Options Page: Shoring up the options page with the other versions of our app for BlackBerry and Android, we made a change to the format of our options page.

Like the changes? Don’t like the changes? Let us know either way! Send us an email or you can Tweet us @ProOnGo

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ProOnGo Getting Started Guide

Hello All

As usual, we’re busy at work, continuing to improve ProOnGo Expense usability as well as develop new features. But we’re also in the process of developing a Getting Started Guide for users that want to know more about how to use all of our fancy features.

iPhone Getting Started Guide

You can take a look at what we already have out there: iPhone Getting Started Guide & the BlackBerry Getting Started Guide. We’ll continue to post updates to the Getting Started Guides as well as launch a guide for Android within the next few weeks, so keep checking back.

And of course, as always, if we’re missing something or leaving something out in which you think our guides need, or a feature/improvement the app needs, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email:

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Reimburse Employees via

Reimbursing Expenses Via

Reimbursing Expenses Via

Here’s a story we’ve heard more than once:  you’ve got your expenses tracked in ProOnGo Expense, and your manager is approving/denying (hopefully more approving than denying) your expenses in our secure manager portal, but you are still getting paper checks instead of direct deposits, to reimburse you for your expenses.

If that’s your story, you might want to ask your company if they use a payroll provider, because if they do then it would be easy to switch over to including reimbursements right in your payroll direct deposit.  Need a link to forward to your CFO or Controller?  Here you go:  Reimbursing Your Employees Through  While you are at it, you could also send along A Controller’s Guide to ProOnGo.

Together, lets put an end to paper check-based reimbursements, and get those direct deposits going!

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ProOnGo Expense: New Version Hits the Market

Hi All,

Just today, we’ve launched an update to ProOnGo Expense for Blackberry, Android and iPhone.  This new version is mostly bug fixes, but our users will definitely find a more enjoyable experience with the app.

As far as the fixes go:

For iPhone, we updated the GPS functionality to make it just that more accurate. The folks up in Saskatchewan were having some trouble with our GPS capabilities because we had a small bug regarding locations that had 50 or more characters.  So now that’s all fixed and our Canuck friends should be happy.

We also updated our Mileage Expense for the BlackBerry, Android and iPhone to support odometer readings. Those of us that record their Mileage Expenses through their odometers can now enter in their odometer readings into the To and From fields, and ProOnGo Expense will automatically do the math to create an expense.

And as for Android, we’re gradually bringing our Android version up to the same level as our BlackBerry and iPhone versions. This new build has some GPS improvements as well as Time Expense improvements, which we have just recently added.  Still on the way for Android, though, is Call Log and Calender integration, so users can create time expenses from their past calls as well as their scheduled meetings and events.

As always, if there is a feature that ProOnGo Expense is missing, please tell us! We love getting user feedback and we prioritize our development based upon what our users need in order to eliminate manual entry from their expense-tracking process. Send feedback and suggestions to or you can always give our offices a ring business hours in Chicago: 312-878-4585.

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ProOnGo Expense Part of Sprint ID

We are very pleased to announce that ProOnGo Expense has been selected as a part of the Sprint ID program! This means that users that purchase new phones through Sprint will have the opportunity to download a package of applications that reflect their interests.

You can find ProOnGo Expense under the Business Pro Pack. We’re very excited and honored that Sprint would choose us as a part of their collection of apps for businesses and we’ll continue to serve all of your expense-tracking needs!

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Old iPhones get New Features – ProOnGo Expense

Hello All,

A new iPhone version of ProOnGo Expense was just approved by Apple today and iPhone users running older versions should see some brand new features. In fact, it should look like a brand new app.

Specifically, iPhone users that haven’t yet updated to the new iOS4 will be seeing a hefty update in their App Store App today.  The new update brings some new features to our iPhone app.

The features include:

  • A brand new user interface
    • The new black-colored interface has replaced the blue, and now looks so tough it could eat a bowl of nails…after it does your expense report.
  • Credit Card Integration
    • Our subscribers can now sync their credit cards with ProOnGo, so every purchase made with the card will update on our Web Portal as well as on your iPhone.
  • FourSquare Integration
    • If a user goes to edit/add a merchant name on an expense, the nearby FourSquare venues will appear in a list (alongside other “remembered” merchant names that the user has recently used).

If you’re just receiving these new updates, we hope you enjoy the new features.

And if you’re already using them, we would love to get your feedback about on you think we’re doing at tracking your expenses, as well as if you think we can do something better.  Send emails to or you can tweet us @ProOnGo.

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ProOnGo Web Site – New Look!

We’ve heard from many of you that its long-overdue that we revise our website, and today we’re finally launching a new look that is the result of much of your feedback.  Although we made so many changes that I can’t list them all here, we hope you’ll like the new/clean look!

By the way (thanks for all the feedback), you can now easily log in from any page on the site, with the Username/Password fields in the top-right corner on each page.

Thanks for using ProOnGo for all of your mobile and web expense reporting needs, and keep in touch when you think of things we can do to serve you better!

Expense Tracking Made Easy

Expense Tracking Made Easy

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Tip: Create/Send monthly QuickBooks invoices from your ProOnGo Time Expenses

Are you a consultant?  A lawyer?  An accountant?  We hear from “professional services” folks all the time, who use our time tracking features to keep track of billable hours, so that when it comes time to invoice their clients at month-end, they’ve got every hour (or minute!) accounted for.

Anyway, if you fit this description, and if you use QuickBooks Online – we just discovered a trick that will save you even MORE time.  Keep reading if you want to learn how to have your ProOnGo time expenses turn into an automatically-sent monthly invoice to each of your clients.  Here’s how it works:

1) Throughout the month, track your time expenses in ProOnGo, and keep uploading them to QuickBooks Online Edition

2) Just once (never have to do this step again), follow the instructions in the “Creating Invoices Automatically” topic, in Quickbooks Online.  This will show you how to have month-end invoices generated automatically based on “tracked, but unbilled” time expenses that have accumulated during the month.

3) Your invoices will be emailed out automatically, to each of your clients, with all of your time expense line-items.

So, next time you find yourself manually creating a month-end invoice for a client that you bill by the hour, come back to this blog post to get set up for a “better way”.

Got ProOnGo Expense + QuickBooks tips?  Send them our way (, and  your tip might just land in our blog!

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Pt. 5: Why You Should Outsource Your Payroll

This is part five of a five part series by Kevin J. Harris, the founder of QuickSolvers Inc, which provides accounting, consulting, and QuickBooks training to small businesses.

Many small business decision makers attempt to save a few bucks by keeping payroll in-house. This is Most Common QuickBooks Blunder #5, but it is by far the most costly error of the bunch… and it isn’t specific to QuickBooks users only. All small businesses, unless they are in the accounting services industry, are better off outsourcing payroll.

This is not my opinion. It’s fact.

Payroll services are comprehensive and streamlined these days, and are available to businesses at extremely inexpensive prices. If your business is located within one state, has around 10-12 employees & contractors, and runs payroll every other week, then your payroll fees should land right around $100 per month.

Two states and 25 employees? Around $200 per month. This includes direct deposit, facilitation of all payroll tax filings and electronic payments to the government agencies, and any other company specific deductions & additions.

But it doesn’t end there.

Today’s best payroll systems are web-based where employers and employees can view their information online, and all transactions can be downloaded directly into most of the common used accounting software packages, including of course, QuickBooks! No journal entries, no constant reconciliations of payroll liabilities, no errors in tax filings, and no wasting of time! All you do is tell your service who to pay, and when. We… I mean they… do everything else. For a small monthly fee. Did I say that already? If your payroll service is not providing all of these bells & whistles, then your money and time is being drained for no good reason.

If you don’t currently use a payroll service at all, then your employees’ time is not being utilized to its potential. If you’re going to outsource one single financial task, payroll is your best option.

To contact QuickSolvers for an obligation free quote, email or 773-909-2464.

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