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BlackBerry Version Updated

A new version of ProOnGo Expense just went live for BlackBerry devices.

Among the changes in this version:

  • Some general bug fixes
  • Re-order of Options menu – We made it easier to find your mileage reimbursement settings, time reimbursement settings and credit card sync settings
  • Yell At Support – This option’s at the bottom – you can send us an email or choose this option if you’re having problem with the app and it will send us a diagnostic email.

Stay tuned next week for a big chagne: the addition of a navigation toolbar for BlackBerry devices! This is going to look very similar to our Android and iPhone versions and will greatly increase the usability of the application.

Keep letting us know how we can improve your expense-tracking by sending an email to or tweet us @ProOnGo.


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ProOnGo Expense for Businesses: QuickBooks Pro Integration

We just came out w/ two big updates — one of which I posted about the other day — the ability for users to upload their expenses to our Receipt Reader via their email — but our latest update is just as big, if not bigger; We’re now beta-testing QuickBooks Pro integration.

QuickBooks Pro integration into ProOnGo Expense now in Beta.

We’re pretty excited about this because Quickbooks owns 80% of the small business market with their accounting software, and QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Online are their two major accounting systems. So being able to sync with nearly 80% of small businesses’ accounting systems is a huge leap forward for us.

The UX for the QBP integration will be extremely simple and after initial set up, as soon as a user records their expense, their QBP account will also

receive the update.

Currently, only subscribers are able to check out the QuickBooks Pro integration, so if you want to give it a shot, visit out Subscribe page.

If you’re already a subscriber, you should be able to see the QuickBooks Pro icon in our Blackberry, iPhone and Android versions under Web Generated Reports.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email, or you can Send us a Tweet!

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ProOnGo is Compatible with 100s of Phones – is yours one of them?

Over the past couple years we’ve tested ProOnGo on literally 100s of phones, everything from relatively obscure phones like the HP iPaq 910c and the HTC Advantage, to the most popular phones like the BlackBerry Curve, iPhone 3GS, Motorola Droid, and HTC Touch PRO 2.

While testing on all of these phones, it occurred to us that we’re not the only ones that “feel the pain” from the huge number of phone models out there.  Many of YOU have told us on our support line ( that sometimes its tough to find out if a particular app is compatible with your particular phone, and that you wish there was a better way to know which apps would work on your phone.

Well, we can’t solve the problem entirely, but what we can do is give you a visual guide to the most popular phones that work with ProOnGo.  So, without further ado, our web design team presents you with an easy way to click through pictures of supported phones, and find out if yours is one of the models supported by ProOnGo:

ProOnGo Compatibility Guide for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, and Windows Mobile owners

ProOnGo Compatibility Guide

Is your phone not listed?  No sweat.  Drop us a line at and we’ll let you know how close we are to supporting your phone.

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New Build for BlackBerry

We just updated our version of ProOnGo Expense from version 1.2.29 to 1.2.30.

The new build brings some upgrades to the app, including improving our APN repository for different wireless carriers, which will help make sure BlackBerry expense data is in sync with, as well as some cosmetic improvements to the UI.

We also made it easier for users to upgrade to get premium features from the free BlackBerry version as well as an easier way for users to clear all expenses after they have exported their expense report.

Just a reminder, a lot of these improvements are coming from suggestions from our users, so if you have a way to improve our app, don’t be shy and send us an email: or Tweet us @ProOnGo

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Workin’ With Businesses: ProOnGo’s Custom Expense Report Package

Just recently, we’ve developed a package for ProOnGo Expense that makes the app customizable for businesses.

A lot of users file their expense reports for the company they work for.  And often times the company would like the expense report to be in a particular format.  We’ve decided this issue must be addressed in ProOnGo and that’s why we’ve developed our Custom Expense Report Package.

The package allows us to take a company’s standard template for their expense reports and create a custom Launch Icon within ProOnGo Expense, so users have the option of automatically formatting their expense reports to the company’s liking.

The package will also include our amazing support team, so if templates ever need to be updated, our staff will have the new edition on the app within a few days.  Here’s a screenshot of what the custom Launch Icon will look like for employees whose business has subscribed to the Custom Expense Report Package.

We’re currently looking for some beta customers to try this package out with their employees, so if you or anyone you know is interested, drop us a line at

Update on 3/14/2010:  We originally only supported these custom spreadsheets via our iPhone and BlackBerry versions of ProOnGo Expense, but we now support this on our Windows Mobile version as well (if you want to try it – grab the latest WinMo version by browsing to from your phone – the Windows Mobile Marketplace build is a few steps behind).

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Use ProOnGo Expense? We Want to Hear From You!

Here at ProOnGo, we’re continually developing our apps to make sure we deliver fast, effective apps for your business needs.

We really value your opinions and want to know what we’re doing right and what we can do better.  The best insights have come from subscribers and a lot of our features and improvements have come from suggestions.  We can’t tell you enough how helpful this is.

We’d love to receive some comments and emails telling us about your experience with ProOnGo Expense.  So please send us your suggestions and we’ll keep up our end at giving you the easiest way to track your expenses.

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Keep on Truckin’ with ProOnGo

Keep on Truckin' with ProOnGo

Keep on Truckin' with ProOnGo

Some of you have commented on how open we are to your feedback, and we really do appreciate those of you that take the time to call or write with suggestions for how we can make ProOnGo Expense work better for your business. Some of the best parts of our day are when folks call our office in the middle of their expense report and say “here’s what I like about ProOnGo, and here’s what I’d like to see in the next version”.

For some reason, we’ve been getting calls recently from a lot of independent owners/operators of small trucking companies who like to use our mileage tracking features to keep tabs on how much they will be billing out for their month-to-date or quarter-to-date.

We’ve gotten more than a few suggestions, including that on our iPhone version the “total” at the top of the screen had been showing the total of all amounts, rather than just the period (week, month, year – whatever you configure). That’ll be fixed in our iPhone update that will show up around Friday this week.

So, for all of you out their using our mileage tracking features, keep the feedback coming by shooting us an email at or you can Tweet us on Twitter, and of course, keep on truckin’!

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ProOnGo Expense UI Update for BlackBerry

As mentioned yesterday, ProOnGo Expense is going through a UI update.  Here’s a preview of the refresh for the BlackBerry app.  Expect this new UI within the next two weeks.

New UI Preview for ProOnGo Expense

UI refresh for ProOnGo Expense - update for BlackBerry coming in two weeks

Thanks to everyone who sent in their suggestions to help make ProOnGo Expense even better!  You can always shoot us an email with questions and comments at  Or you can follow us on Twitter and send us a Tweet: @ProOnGo

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Four Best iPhone Apps for Freelancers

Being a freelancer definitely has its perks; pick your own hours, choose your clients and manage projects how you see fit.  But with these benefits comes the hassle of keeping your books up to date.

Luckily, the iPhone is just one of those tools that keeps on making lives easier.  Below is a list of four applications that will help freelancers manage their projects without the hassle.


The most popular to-do and task manager in the App Store.  Things is a task management app that keeps you prioritized for the day and what’s on the horizon. Procrastinating never looked less attractive.

ProOnGo Expense

The #1 Expense tracking app for Blackberry now on the iPhone.  Take pictures of your receipts and have them automatically incorporated into your expense reports.  Also keep track of your mileage expenses with your GPS, calculate your time expense, convert currencies and export to XML, Excel Spreadsheet and QuickBooks Online Edition.

ProOnGo lets you keep track of your receipts, mileage and time expenses.

ProOnGo lets you keep track of your receipts, mileage and time expenses.


The PayPal application allows you to send money to anyone you want using your existing PayPal account. The Paypal application is also great for checking your balance while you are out.


With different clients comes different websites and different passwords.  How can you keep track of them?

1Password allows you to generate passphrases with over 30 characters of random numbers, letters, and symbols. It keeps track of that, the username, and the website for all of your login accounts in one database. The entire program is locked with a PIN and then your important passphrases are protected with a second layer passphrase.

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New UI for ProOnGo Expense Coming Soon

You asked for it! We here at ProOnGo have heard your suggestions for an updated UI, so we have refreshed some of our graphics.  You can expect the upgrade later on in the week, but for now, here’s a little taste of what’s to come:

ProOnGo Expense's new icons

Easy and beautiful expense tracking on iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile

Thanks to all of you that sent in feedback about our UI – we listen to and value your feedback so keep it coming to

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