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New Mobile Site Launched

A new mobile site has launched for iPhone and Android devices. The new site features a much improved user experience as well as a whole lot of information.

We’ve also added Getting Started Guides for brand new users under the Help and Support option on the site.

Check out the new design and tell us what you think by sending us an email at or tweet us @ProOnGo.


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Your Company’s Own Expense App: ProOnGo Expense White Label

Rebranding ProOnGo Expense to fit your company.

Coming in early December, we will be launching the ProOnGo Expense White Label package. This brand new package allows businesses to rebrand ProOnGo Expense with their company’s log and color scheme, and we will upload this new app to the iTunes App Store.

How it works:

If you’re interested in getting a custom application for your firm, it’s a relatively quick and easy process thanks to the ProOnGo Expense Custom App Wizard.  All you do is:

  1. Pick your splash screen color
  2. Insert your Company Splash Screen image
  3. Upload your app icon
  4. Choose your color scheme
  5. ProOnGo uploads the app to the iTunes App Store.

After you complete the wizard, you’ll be able to instruct your employees to the iTunes App Store market to download the company’s rebranded expense tracking application.  You can expect the White Label Wizard to go live in early December.

Are you a tech savvy CPA that would like to become a launch partner with ProOnGo’s White Label app? Contact us here!

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Mobile Expense Reporting for Businesses

A few weeks back we launched our ProOnGo Businesses Packages. These packages allow businesses us to easily distribute ProOnGo Expense throughtout their company without needing to worry about individual subscriptions.

I want to take a moment and go over our Premium Business Package’s features and explain how these features can help out your business with expense tracking.

Up to 100 Users
With the a Business Package subscription, businesses don’t have to worry about signing up every single one of their employees with ProOnGo. They simply point to the ProOnGo Expense app in the device’s marketplace, and as long as they sign up with the company’s email address, the user will enjoy full benefits of a ProOnGo subscription

80 GB Receipt Storage
It’s important for businesses to have a back up of their receipts in case of an audit. Luckily, ProOnGo has businesses covered. We offer 80 GB or receipt images. That’s over 80,000 receipt images per year. All of this information is instantly recalled as soon as a business needs it.

Custom Excel Spreadsheet Integration
Most businesses contain expense report templates and as our Pro Subscribers already know, we’re able to take that template and have it automatically filled out with your expenses. Businesses will receive the same special. They just send us their expense report template and it’ll be fully integrated into the app within two weeks.

Credit Card Integration
We currently support American Express cards, but within the next coming weeks, we are rolling out our support to over 90% of banks in the United States. So businesses with ProOnGo Expense can have their employees’ business credit cards instnatly sync with the app, so no manual entry is necessary.

24-Hour Support Guarantee
We guarantee a response to your support request within 24 hours of your request. Call by phone (312-878-4585) or email

Accounting System Integration Consultation
Need to import your employees’ expenses directly into your accounting system? We’ll offer a free consultation session to figure out how to import the expenses into your system.

5 Hour per Year Receipt Audit Assistance
When the auditor calls, we’ll be at your side. With a subscription to a Premium or Pro Business Account, your business will receive 5 hours of audit assistance to gather the receipts you’ll need.

Annual Backup DVD
Receive a DVD backup of all of your receipt images once per year.

If you’re interested in one of our Business Packages, but have some questions you’d like answered first, just shoot me an email and I’ll do what I can to help you out:

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ProOnGo Expense Credit Card Sync for Trial Users

Hello All

We just released our Credit Card Integration feature into ProOnGo Expense about two months ago, and it’s quickly becoming one of our more popular features.  The feature, which allows users to sync their credit card with ProOnGo Expense, imports the credit card’s transactions as expenses.

Well we’ve just granted access to the Credit Card Integration feature for our Trial and Lite Package users. The trial is only going to be around for a limited time, so sync up your card now and see how you like it.

Oh, and keep sending us your questions and comments to!

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ProOnGo Expense for Businesses: QuickBooks Pro Integration

We just came out w/ two big updates — one of which I posted about the other day — the ability for users to upload their expenses to our Receipt Reader via their email — but our latest update is just as big, if not bigger; We’re now beta-testing QuickBooks Pro integration.

QuickBooks Pro integration into ProOnGo Expense now in Beta.

We’re pretty excited about this because Quickbooks owns 80% of the small business market with their accounting software, and QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Online are their two major accounting systems. So being able to sync with nearly 80% of small businesses’ accounting systems is a huge leap forward for us.

The UX for the QBP integration will be extremely simple and after initial set up, as soon as a user records their expense, their QBP account will also

receive the update.

Currently, only subscribers are able to check out the QuickBooks Pro integration, so if you want to give it a shot, visit out Subscribe page.

If you’re already a subscriber, you should be able to see the QuickBooks Pro icon in our Blackberry, iPhone and Android versions under Web Generated Reports.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email, or you can Send us a Tweet!

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ProOnGo is Compatible with 100s of Phones – is yours one of them?

Over the past couple years we’ve tested ProOnGo on literally 100s of phones, everything from relatively obscure phones like the HP iPaq 910c and the HTC Advantage, to the most popular phones like the BlackBerry Curve, iPhone 3GS, Motorola Droid, and HTC Touch PRO 2.

While testing on all of these phones, it occurred to us that we’re not the only ones that “feel the pain” from the huge number of phone models out there.  Many of YOU have told us on our support line ( that sometimes its tough to find out if a particular app is compatible with your particular phone, and that you wish there was a better way to know which apps would work on your phone.

Well, we can’t solve the problem entirely, but what we can do is give you a visual guide to the most popular phones that work with ProOnGo.  So, without further ado, our web design team presents you with an easy way to click through pictures of supported phones, and find out if yours is one of the models supported by ProOnGo:

ProOnGo Compatibility Guide for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, and Windows Mobile owners

ProOnGo Compatibility Guide

Is your phone not listed?  No sweat.  Drop us a line at and we’ll let you know how close we are to supporting your phone.

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ProOnGo Expense Now Available for Android!

We are very excited to announce that ProOnGo Expense is now available for free on the Android Market for devices running Android 2.0 or higher.  Thanks to all the beta-testers we had.  We were able to get some great feedback for the future Android versions.

The Android version only features general expenses and the subscription-based Receipt Reader service, but we’ll be coming up with updates, nearly every week, to get this Android version as feature-packed as our iPhone and BlackBerry versions, so make sure to check back with this blog to see what we’ve updated.

As always, we really appreciate feedback, criticisms and suggestions.  These comments help us prioritize our development so we can make sure to include the features that you really need in ProOnGo Expense. So please continue to send your emails to or give our offices a call, (312) 878-4585.

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New Build for BlackBerry

We just updated our version of ProOnGo Expense from version 1.2.29 to 1.2.30.

The new build brings some upgrades to the app, including improving our APN repository for different wireless carriers, which will help make sure BlackBerry expense data is in sync with, as well as some cosmetic improvements to the UI.

We also made it easier for users to upgrade to get premium features from the free BlackBerry version as well as an easier way for users to clear all expenses after they have exported their expense report.

Just a reminder, a lot of these improvements are coming from suggestions from our users, so if you have a way to improve our app, don’t be shy and send us an email: or Tweet us @ProOnGo

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Workin’ With Businesses: ProOnGo’s Custom Expense Report Package

Just recently, we’ve developed a package for ProOnGo Expense that makes the app customizable for businesses.

A lot of users file their expense reports for the company they work for.  And often times the company would like the expense report to be in a particular format.  We’ve decided this issue must be addressed in ProOnGo and that’s why we’ve developed our Custom Expense Report Package.

The package allows us to take a company’s standard template for their expense reports and create a custom Launch Icon within ProOnGo Expense, so users have the option of automatically formatting their expense reports to the company’s liking.

The package will also include our amazing support team, so if templates ever need to be updated, our staff will have the new edition on the app within a few days.  Here’s a screenshot of what the custom Launch Icon will look like for employees whose business has subscribed to the Custom Expense Report Package.

We’re currently looking for some beta customers to try this package out with their employees, so if you or anyone you know is interested, drop us a line at

Update on 3/14/2010:  We originally only supported these custom spreadsheets via our iPhone and BlackBerry versions of ProOnGo Expense, but we now support this on our Windows Mobile version as well (if you want to try it – grab the latest WinMo version by browsing to from your phone – the Windows Mobile Marketplace build is a few steps behind).

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ProOnGo Expense sync with QuickBooks Online

One of the more valuable features we have heard from our subscribers is the ability to automatically sync your expenses with QuickBooks Online.

As soon as you import a new expense into the app, ProOnGo Expense will ask you whether or not you’d like to sync that expense with your QuickBooks Online account.

We just posted a video on demonstrating this feature.  Tell us what you think!

ProOnGo Expense sync with QuickBooks Online

ProOnGo Expense sync with QuickBooks Online

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