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ProOnGo Web Site – New Look!

We’ve heard from many of you that its long-overdue that we revise our website, and today we’re finally launching a new look that is the result of much of your feedback.  Although we made so many changes that I can’t list them all here, we hope you’ll like the new/clean look!

By the way (thanks for all the feedback), you can now easily log in from any page on the site, with the Username/Password fields in the top-right corner on each page.

Thanks for using ProOnGo for all of your mobile and web expense reporting needs, and keep in touch when you think of things we can do to serve you better!

Expense Tracking Made Easy

Expense Tracking Made Easy


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ProOnGo is Compatible with 100s of Phones – is yours one of them?

Over the past couple years we’ve tested ProOnGo on literally 100s of phones, everything from relatively obscure phones like the HP iPaq 910c and the HTC Advantage, to the most popular phones like the BlackBerry Curve, iPhone 3GS, Motorola Droid, and HTC Touch PRO 2.

While testing on all of these phones, it occurred to us that we’re not the only ones that “feel the pain” from the huge number of phone models out there.  Many of YOU have told us on our support line ( that sometimes its tough to find out if a particular app is compatible with your particular phone, and that you wish there was a better way to know which apps would work on your phone.

Well, we can’t solve the problem entirely, but what we can do is give you a visual guide to the most popular phones that work with ProOnGo.  So, without further ado, our web design team presents you with an easy way to click through pictures of supported phones, and find out if yours is one of the models supported by ProOnGo:

ProOnGo Compatibility Guide for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, and Windows Mobile owners

ProOnGo Compatibility Guide

Is your phone not listed?  No sweat.  Drop us a line at and we’ll let you know how close we are to supporting your phone.

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ProOnGo and PayServ Systems Partner for Receipt-to-Reimbursement Solution

On Thursday last week we announced our new partnership with PayServ Systems – some of you saw the press release and sent in questions to our support line.  Great to hear from those of you that did.

However, we’re betting that many of you would prefer watching a video of how it works, rather than reading a press release — so we put together a quick video showing how ProOnGo and PayServ work together on BlackBerry (our Windows Mobile, Android, and iPhone solutions are integrated in almost exactly the same way).  So, tap on the video here to see it in action!

Video of ProOnGo/PayServ Solution

Video of ProOnGo/PayServ Solution

Basically, if your company uses ProOnGo, and also uses PayServ Systems for payroll, all you have to do is:

1) Create your expenses in ProOnGo “the normal way”

2) Your manager (set up through ProOnGo) will get a notification about your expense reimbursement request

3) If your manager approves the expense, through our web site, the expense reimbursement will come through on your next payroll deposit.

Sound easy?  It is easy.  We use it ourselves, and it sure beats passing around spreadsheets of expenses via email and having your company’s payroll guy or gal manually enter the reimbursements during their payroll run.

Feedback?  Find us on Twitter as @ProOnGo or shoot us an email at

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How do you file your expense report?

At ProOnGo when it comes to expense reports, everytime we think we’ve heard it all in terms of painful expense reporting processes, someone comes along and one-ups us with their story of a crazy, annoying, or just plain hilarious expense reporting policy.

Recently we heard a story of a company where expense reports are all submitted via paper — literally filling out a printed form and stapling receipts to it — and (here’s the good part) the ones that are filled out correctly come back with a gold star sticker on them!

We don’t offer gold star stickers here at ProOnGo, but we do want to hear all about your expense reporting processes, so that we know how to help.  Please feel free to send your story to any time.  Just about every time, we can find some way to help, even if its getting our software to output a custom report format that just prints out the same way (looks the same) as the one that you are normally required to fill out.  Feel free to challenge us with your toughest expense report formats!

And, while you are at it, reply to our poll about expense report formats!

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Windows Mobile users: will you make the jump to Windows Phone 7 Series?

There has been a lot of buzz about Windows Phone 7 Series — CNET calls it a “Complete Reset“, Engadget says “Microsoft is Playing to Win“, and Gizmodo says “It’s Awesome“.

We know many of you are loyal fans of Windows Mobile — we see it in our sign-up numbers — but we also get fairly frequent questions on our support line from users who are switching from Windows Mobile to Android, or Windows Mobile to iPhone, and want help switching their account over.  This got us thinking — will all of you current Windows Mobile owners hang on for Windows Phone 7 Series (WP7S), or will you have already picked up some other hot new phone by the time WP7S hits the market around the holidays?

Windows Mobile owners — let us know at (or tweet to @ProOnGo) whether *you* will be amongst the first to get a Windows Phone 7 Series, or whether you are making the leap to another smartphone by then.  We want to hear from you, since your vote helps us decide how much development effort we’re going to invest in each new smartphone OS that hits the market.

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ProOnGo Expense Now Compatible with HTC Touch PRO 2

HTC Touch PRO 2 fans, we haven’t forgotten about you!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve heard from quite a few people who are big fans of this phone, and want a version of ProOnGo Expense for it.  And who wouldn’t like the Touch PRO 2 — its got a great screen, thumb-friendly slide out keypad, and the signature “tilt” look that started back with the HTC 8925 and lives on today in this phone.

ProOnGo Now Compatible with HTC Touch PRO 2

ProOnGo Now Compatible with HTC Touch PRO 2

Well, with the version of ProOnGo Expense that we just posted on, we’re now compatible with this great phone (Windows Mobile Marketplace users – download from this time – Marketplace hasn’t yet approved our latest release).  Here’s how to get it:

* From your HTC Touch PRO 2 just visit, and we’ll direct you to a simple page with little more than a download link

* Or, from your PC/Mac, browse to and save the CAB to your device (this way is for advanced users)

What took so long to get ProOnGo working on this phone?  Well, most new Windows Mobile phones that hit the market work fine with ProOnGo Expense from day #1, but this one had a few tricks up its sleeve for us, and in particular many would-be users were reporting that the old version of ProOnGo would cause their camera app to “freeze” when they took pictures from within ProOnGo.  Those days are now behind us, thanks to the outstanding crew of engineers at ProOnGo who figured out and solved the problem.  So, HTC Touch PRO 2 owners, please enjoy ProOnGo Expense, and let us know what you think at

Last but not least, this post goes out to one particularly dedicated fan out there, Jim L., who just kept on calling with feedback and making sure we got this one done right.  Here’s to you, Jim!

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Use ProOnGo Expense? We Want to Hear From You!

Here at ProOnGo, we’re continually developing our apps to make sure we deliver fast, effective apps for your business needs.

We really value your opinions and want to know what we’re doing right and what we can do better.  The best insights have come from subscribers and a lot of our features and improvements have come from suggestions.  We can’t tell you enough how helpful this is.

We’d love to receive some comments and emails telling us about your experience with ProOnGo Expense.  So please send us your suggestions and we’ll keep up our end at giving you the easiest way to track your expenses.

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Keep on Truckin’ with ProOnGo

Keep on Truckin' with ProOnGo

Keep on Truckin' with ProOnGo

Some of you have commented on how open we are to your feedback, and we really do appreciate those of you that take the time to call or write with suggestions for how we can make ProOnGo Expense work better for your business. Some of the best parts of our day are when folks call our office in the middle of their expense report and say “here’s what I like about ProOnGo, and here’s what I’d like to see in the next version”.

For some reason, we’ve been getting calls recently from a lot of independent owners/operators of small trucking companies who like to use our mileage tracking features to keep tabs on how much they will be billing out for their month-to-date or quarter-to-date.

We’ve gotten more than a few suggestions, including that on our iPhone version the “total” at the top of the screen had been showing the total of all amounts, rather than just the period (week, month, year – whatever you configure). That’ll be fixed in our iPhone update that will show up around Friday this week.

So, for all of you out their using our mileage tracking features, keep the feedback coming by shooting us an email at or you can Tweet us on Twitter, and of course, keep on truckin’!

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