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Receipt Image Cleanup

Since we launched the first version of ProOnGo Expense in January, we’ve heard quite a bit of feedback about one feature in particular–our Privacy Editor.  That’s the part of the application that looks and acts much like a typical image editor, but has a couple bells and whistles that are particularly helpful in the context of working with receipt images.

Although you’ll often here us say that the main reason this is in the product is so that you have complete control over what parts of your receipt are visible when its sent in to our service, the Privacy Editor actually does a lot more than just that.  It has features like Zoom In/Out, a Pen tool, Rotation features, image dragging, and undo.  One of the features that we’re particularly proud of though, is our “Four Corners” tool.  That tool is perfect if you end up taking a picture thats off-center, angled, or skewed.  By just tapping on each of the four corners, we can fix that receipt image right up.  Here is a “before” and “after” example:
   Skewed Receipt Image    Fixed Receipt Image
In any case, that’s just one of the many features you’ll want to check out, when you download ProOnGo Expense with Receipt Reader.  Before I forget, though, we also have a more in-depth web video showing off everything else you can do in the Privacy Editor.  Check it out here.

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  1. proongo says:

    After this post came out, a few of you emailed us and asked if you “have to” use this four corners tool every time. The answer is NO. Only use it when you want to.

    ProOnGo will take care of processing your merchant names, dates, and amounts on your receipt regardless of whether the receipt picture is at an angle — its no problem for our service.

    So, use the four corners tool if you like the way that it cleans up your receipts, but don’t feel like its required in any way!

    – The ProOnGo Team

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